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Irish Barbie actor’s dress inspired by her childhood toy

Irish actress Nicola Coughlan wore a dress in the new Barbie film designed in the likeness of her childhood Barbie doll, her sister has told the BBC.

The Derry Girls and Bridgerton actress has a brief role as Diplomat Barbie in the film, which was released on Friday.

Her sister Clodagh Coughlan said Nicola has a voice in what type of costume she wore for her role.

“When she got the role – so it’s a cameo, you know – she’s in one big piece,” Clodagh told Radio Ulster’s Saturday with John Toal show.

“She spoke with the costume designer who kind of asked her to collaborate on what it was she would like her Barbie to wear.

“So when Nicola was young she had, I think it was Sparkle Eyes Barbie was the name, and she wears a gorgeous silver dress with the big pink puffy sleeves.

“So they made the costume for her in the likeness of her own Barbie.”

Nicola Coughlan, who is from Oranmore in County Galway, joined the likes of Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Helen Mirren and Will Ferrell in the cast.

Her sister said Coughlan’s family were going to make “a big occasion” out of going to see the film.

“It’s so special, it’s so nice to mark these things,” she said.

“We’ve a big group of family and friends going tomorrow, we’re going to make a big special occasion.

“Working with Greta Gerwig (Barbie’s director), I know was such a huge thing for her, I know that had been top of her list as someone she really wanted to work with, so that was amazing.

“And then of course Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling – all the girls know Ryan Gosling, it’s amazing

“So it’s nice to take that pause and take that moment and I think that’s why tomorrow we’re going to take that moment and mark it and maybe even have a glass of Champagne afterwards.”

Published July 22, 2023