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Nicola Coughlan says she ‘can’t fathom’ the number of people who’ve watched Bridgerton

The Derry Girls star plays Penelope Featherington in the new series and it was a huge hit with Netflix viewers all over the world.

Nicola appeared on The Late Late Show tonight to speak with host Ryan Tubridy about the recent role and the huge hit the show has been since it’s release earlier this year.

It was recently revealed that the show has been watched by 65 million households around the world and Nicola said that she can’t fathom that number.

Speaking on the show the actress said: “I can’t fathom how many people that actually is it’s very strange.


“The numbers came though they said it’s the fifth biggest Netflix launch ever, but then it’s all happening during lockdown so you’re sat at home and you’re going, ‘That’s quite nice,’ and carry on about your day.”

Nicola also spoke about her audition for the series and she said that she couldn’t believe that she had landed the role.

She explained: “I went and I did the audition but I didn’t put too much thought into it I thought I would give it a go.

“And then I got the call two weeks later saying they wanted me to do it.

I said, ‘What does that mean?’ and they said, ‘They’ve given you the part,’ and I said, ‘Okay but what do you mean they’ve given me the part?’ because I just couldn’t accept it I think.

Nicola said that she would usually be living in London but she moved back home before the lockdown and is living with her family in Galway.

The actress explained: “I’m normally in London but after we wrapped Bridgerton in February and then I came home and the world shut down.

“I am my mums personal assistant.”

The Irish Sun
Written by Aine Conaty
Published January 15, 2021