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Derry Girls Star Nicola Coughlan Reveals She Should be Finished Filming Series

DERRY Girls actress Nicola Coughlan has revealed that she should be finished filming the third season of the show but they’re “waiting it out”.

The Galway actress appeared on The Six O’Clock Show to speak with hosts Muireann O’Connell and Ray Foley about what the plans are for season three of the hit series.

She explained that they have no information about when they will start filming again and they want to “tell the story properly”.

Speaking on the Virgin Media show Nicola said: “We would have been finished filming now it was meant to be starting in May and the dates came and went and that was horrible to see.

“At the minute we’re just waiting it out honestly, we don’t have any information about when we can start and I think one of the biggest things is we don’t want to compromise anything with the show.

“We don’t want to have to cut out the characters, locations, bits of the script because Lisa has obviously worked on the script so hard.


“I know we want to wait so we can tell the story properly and do it justice. So yeah we’re just trying to be as patient as much as we can.”

It was recently revealed that there would now be a Derry Girls book and Nicola said that she is very excited about it.

Nicola explained: “So Lisa McGee has written Erin’s diary, it’s coming out in November.

“So there’s going to be pieces from each of the girls in the book and knowing Lisa it’s going to be hilarious and brilliant.”

She added: “There’s so much material she has in mind for these girls.

“Even when we get the scripts for the show there’s so much more in it that needs to get cut out because it’s only a 23-minute episode and she packs so much in there, so it’s great that she has the book now so she can put in all of those little things that she couldn’t fit and I’m very excited for it.”


Lisa recently admitted that she has been thinking about making a Derry Girls movie and Nicola said that she had no idea.

Nicola also gave her idea about what they could potentially do for the movie as she said that there is so much potential.

Speaking on the show, the actress said: “I heard this on the radio and I said to Lisa, ‘Are you making a movie?’ I had no idea.

“I would love to I think that would be wonderful.

“I always have a vision of how funny it would be to see them do a school play because I would feel like Erin would write it, Michelle would hug the limelight, Clare wouldn’t want to do it, she would think it’s frivolous and a waste of time, and then poor James would be roped in and Orla would perform an interruptive dance or something like that.

“I think there are endless possibilities.”

The Irish Sun
Written by Aine Conaty
Published July 30, 2020