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Hello everyone! Just wanted to make a quick announcement that our career guide for Nicola is now online. There you will find in-depth information about each of Nicola’s current and past projects. You can click here or the ‘career’ link in our navigation. There you will find categories for Nicola’s appearances in films, television productions, and theater productions along with her voice over work. Enjoy!

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to inform you all that our press archive is now online. It currently contains 42 articles and interviews about and that Nicola has conducted since 2018. The articles are separated by year and then by month/day. I hope you all enjoy!

Welcome to the Dazzling Nicola Coughlan, your newest source for the…well, the dazzling Nicola Coughlan! You’ll best know Nicola for her work on the internationally popular series Derry Girls, which is a comedy that takes place in the 90s during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and the Netflix hit Bridgerton, a Regency-era romance filled with scandal and intrigue. Here you will find the latest news on Nicola’s career along with an comprehensive gallery of her work and appearances. We currently have over 5,000 photos in our gallery, and we’re still growing! We hope you all enjoy this site, and keep an eye for upcoming updates to the site and gallery.

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