(1997) My Brother’s War « The Dazzling Nicola Coughlan


Nicola as Little Girl Feeding Swans

Directed by: James Brolin
Written by: Alex Simon
Produced by: Concorde Anois
Cast Members: Jennie Garth, James Brolin, Patrick Foy
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Action, Thriller
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In Northern Ireland, brothers Gerry and Liam are members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army. In the wake of the peace process, Gerry wants to follow ethical principles, while Liam knows no limits; this leads them to a divide and Liam forms a splinter group. A CIA agent and the support of Mary will force Gerry to stop his brother.

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trivia & facts

⦁ Nicola’s first film role. She was paid £30 and was able to take the day off school to film.
⦁ She was afraid of the swans she had to feed.